SJ50 Film Festival (Gallery Session 3, 21 Oct 2016, Friday) (location changed to B1 Auditorium)

Venue relocated to B1 Auditorium from 1F Gallery!


SJ50 Film Festival
is a non-profit project to celebrate Singapore and Japan’s 50 years of diplomatic relations by showcasing short films from both Singapore and Japan. This is to promote better understanding of both countries, and to encourage Singaporean and Japanese young film makers to have more exchanges through networking, learning, and collaboration. SJ50FF screenings will be held in both Singapore and Tokyo.

SJ50 Film Festival is supported by Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Tokyo and Kyoto Prefecture, in recognition as a project to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations ​

SJ50 Film Festival, Gallery session 3 (location changed to B1 Auditorium)

Dates: 21 (Fri) October 2016

Time: 9:30pm to 11:00pm

Venue: Asian Civilisation Museum, Comtemporary Gallery 1F (location changed to B1 Auditorium)

Tickets: Free with $5 (refundable) for advance registration
Please come to our booth at the venue before 9:20pm, we will cancel your booking, and $5 will be refunded to you. For late comers or no-show, there will be no refunded.

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Public Phone
-Drama (PG)

Director: Eric Lim
Country: Singapore
Length: 14mins 53secs
Language: English
Subtitle: English, Japanese
Completed date: 2009

In the 1980s, people in Singapore were relying on public phones to stay connected with their loved ones. Good news, bad news, appointments and disappointments are conveyed over long distances, enriching the lives of those at both ends of the line. Lonely provision shop owner, Old Meng, has seen it all happening at the public phone installed in his shop. He too has a special attachment to the phone. Everyday, he longs to hear it ring, but…This is an all-too-real story of an old man, his public phone, and a relationship that has grown too distant..

Blue Moon Over Memphis
- Documentary (G)

Director: Brian Higdon
Country: Japan
Length: 3min 21s
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitle: English, Japanese
Completion: 2016

Blue Moon Over Memphis is a short promotional documentary about Theatre Nohgaku’s new English-language Noh play about Elvis Presley.

Through Thick and Thin
-Documentary (PG)

Country: Singapore
Length: 11min 19sec
Language: English
Subtitle: English, Japanese
Completed date: 2015

It was in a house off Orchard Road, 1970s: “Eating at the table was a bit of a drama for me… because everybody would ask everyone else to eat. Father, mother, brother, sister… have your meal. By the time I asked everyone to eat, they’d finished and left the table. I’m still sitting there.” ​ This is a story of a young Singaporean man and a British lady who fall in love with each other in the 1960s where international marriage, especially one between a caucasian woman and an Asian man was rare and controversial affair. They told their stories of the many challenges and rewards through this heartwarming relationship, and how they have been through thick and thin together all these decades as husband and wife.

The Animals
-Animation, Stop motion (PG)

Director: Mark Wee
Length: 6min 18secs
Language: -
Subtitle: -
Completed date: 2014
School: School of Art Design and Media, NTU

Influenced by the German Expressionist movement of the early 1900s and the silhouette animated films by Lotte Reiniger, The Animals is a paper cut-out stop-motion animation that is adapted from the life of Joseph Merrick, the historically famed Elephant Man who walked the streets of Victorian England, exhibiting himself in freak shows. Abused and despised by society for his horrific appearance, Merrick is at his wit’s end when things take a serendipitous turn.

SUZU monochrome

Director: Seiichi Nishikawa
Country: Japan
Length: 23min 15s
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Completion: 2013 ​

The project began with the passion of craftsmen of Takaoka Traditional Industry Youth Association to bring excitement to their hometown, Takaoka. The short film illustrates dignity and anxiety of craftsmanship in local areas in Japan. It aims to spread the reality of Japanese craftsmen to the rest of the world and to let people know about Takaoka, the city of Japanese traditional arts and crafts. The story is about a couple, a sissy husband Takashi and a devoted wife, Suzu.


Director: Sun Ji
Country: Singapore
Length: 23min 48s
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English, Japanese
Completed date: 2014
School: Temasek Polytechnic ​

Hero (Chinese: 英雄) is a 2014 short film set in 1980s Singapore. It weaves together action and drama as it follows a father who wants to leave his undesirable life in the underworld to pursue a simpler and better life with his daughter. Hero explores the themes of fatherly love and brotherhood during a unique decade when life is not as fast paced as today’s society. How far will a father go, to become a hero in his daughter’s eyes?

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Fri Oct 21, 2016
9:30 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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Asian Civilisation Museum
Gallery session 3 (refundable), 21 Oct 9:30pm~11:00pm SOLD OUT $5.00
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